We recognise the need for close co-ordination with local authorities, law enforcement, statutory authorities and, in particular, neighbouring building owners and occupiers.We aim to carry out all construction activities with minimum disruption to the local environment. In order to do this we have established standard operating procedures that are adapted for each project in order to control noise, vibration, dust, traffic and general cleanliness – which are necessary to provide a tidy and safe construction environment.
Key to our overall offer is an environmental commitment. We ensure that high environmental standards are practiced in every project we undertake.  We promise that every opportunity for environmental enhancement is implemented wherever possible and that the potential for adverse environmental impact is minimised. We also aim to recycle as much recyclable construction waste as possible which ultimately has financial benefits for the client by keeping construction costs to a minimum.  This applies to every part of our business from design and construction to site practice.

We have supported many charities, organisations and initiatives that make a real difference in our local and global communities.

As a business built on community values, we understand that supporting the communities in which we operate is an important part of our continued success.  Our Charity of the Year 2015 is the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

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